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Scotland Rack Warehouse Storage Racks

Scotland Rack Warehouse Storage Rack Components

Make your own arrangement using only these components. Use only 1 upright frame between sections in a row: number or upright frames for each row is number of sections plus one. Upright frame and deck must be same depth. Different length sections can be combined in the same row. Section length is center to center of posts. 8'2" long sections have 96" clear between posts. Beam capacities: 5' - 2440 lbs., 6' - 2010 lbs., 8' - 1500 lbs. For hand loading only. FOB Shipping Point.

Fit any storage need with sturdy upright frames and four types of decks.

 A) Upright Frames - Use with any deck on this page of same depth. Shipped K.D. for safe arrival. 8 bolt easy assembly.

B) Complete Open Deck With 2 Supports - Ideal for use with wire decking, special steel decking or for lighter loads on 5/8" plywood or particleboard. Model H10950 uses standard 48" x 96" sheets without trimming.

C) Complete Open Deck With 4 Supports - For normal loads on 5/8" plywood or particleboard. Four supports prevent creeping sag. Trim panels to 1-3/4" less than deck depth, by 2-1/8" less than section length. Model H14950 uses standard 48" x 96" panels without trimming.

D) Complete Furniture Grade MDF Deck - Smooth, non-splintering fiberboard panels fit in beam step for easy sliding storage. Deck supports prevent creeping sag. Panels over 60" shipped in 2 pieces for safe arrival.

E) Complete Corrugated Steel Deck - Fireproof, durable corrugated steel panels fit in beam step recess for easy sliding storage. White finish on deck panels for light reflectivity inside rack.