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Scotland Rack Warehouse Storage Racks

Scotland Rack Warehouse Storage Racks

High-capacity, low-cost storage racks to help you organize your factory or warehouse for space saving efficiency. Rugged, all-steel racks hold 1500 lbs. per deck for 8' lengths (more capacity for shorter lengths). All decks feature boltless 2" center adjustment with exclusive automatic safety lock. Durable gray enamel finish on steel parts. For hand loading only. FOB Shipping Point.

How to Order
Units include one upright frame and 3 deck sections. Order one upright frame to end each row of sections. For other heights order frames and decks separately - see Warehouse Storage Rack Components.

Upright Frame - Order one to end each row of sections. 

Deck Supports - For additional support of wood base decking. Order 2 extra supports for each deck. (Not required for formed steel decking.) 

A) Open Decking Racks - Use with wire decking, special steel decking or locally-obtained 5/8" plywood or particleboard decking. Panels fit in beam step recess for easy sliding storage. For proper fit of wood base decking grip panels to 1-3/4" less than rack depth x 2-1/8" less than section length. For heavier loads on wood type decking order 2 extra deck supports below for each deck. Not neccessary for wire or steel decking. 

B) MDF Decking Storage Racks - Smooth, non-splintering 5/8" furniture grade MDF panels fit into beam step recess for easy sliding storage. Each deck includes four front-to-back steel support under MDF panels. 

C) Corrugated Steel Decking Storage Racks - Fireproof, durable steel panels fit into beam step recess for easy sliding storage. Bright white finish for visibility withing racks.

STEEL DECKING - White enamel finish for visibility within racks. Supplied cut to fit between beam steps of any storage rack having 5/8" or 3/4" high steps. Specify exact panel depth when ordering. Panels are 26"W with flat-top corrugations on 2-1/2" centers which overlap neatly to fit any length beam. Load ratings: 36"D racks 126 lbs. per sq. ft., 48"D racks 70 lbs. per sq ft.