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Reelcraft Tool Balancers

Reelcraft Tool Balancers

Series TB/TBL. Hand-windable spring tension adjustment knob is flush with the housing. Push-button tension release simplifies decrease of spring tension. Adjustment screw adds drag to spool for fine tuning of tension. Oversized cable opening with direct in-line pull to reduce cable wear. Adjustable cable stop and lower safety hook. Matte Black finish. Series TB are constant tension. Series TBL have a rachet lock. FOB Shipping Point.

Top 5 Benefits

    1. Balances the weight of assembly tools making them nearly weightless.
    2. Reduces operator fatigue.
    3. Improves safety amd ergonomics.
    4. Increases productivity, keeps tools positioned for immediate use with minimal operator motion.
    5. Reduces tool damage, prevents tools from being accidentally dropped.

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