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LewisBins DividerPak ll - Divider Box Containers

LewisBins DividerPak ll - Divider Box Containers

  • All containers can be divided into compartments by length and/or width on 1.25" centers.
  • Molded-in stacking ridge assures stacking securely with or without covers.

Ideal for use in commercial, industrial, electronics or healthcare applications. Perfect for storage, assembly, fabrication and distribution uses. Handles up to 40 lbs. each container – bottom container supports loads up to 250 lbs. One set of snaps included on all containers. "No-guess" textured divider grid and numbered divider slots. HNDC products have large, flat areas on all four sides for content identification. Security tie holes on both ends of HNDC models. Standard containers available in Gray, Red, Light Blue and Dark Blue. ESD boxes in conductive XL Black. FOB Shipping Point.

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