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Schaefer Stack & Nest Containers

Schaefer Stack & Nest Containers

  • Excellent nest ratio for economical returns and efficient empty storage.
  • Handles are located under the reinforced rim.

Schaefer 180° stack and nest containers are designed for storage, work in process and product distribution. They are compatible with both 48" x 40" and 48" x 45" pallets. HFB221307, HFB241614 & HFB262006 are made of heavy duty high density polypropylene. HFB231508, HFB231512 & HFB241610 are made of heavy duty high density polyethylene. Available in Red (-RD), Yellow (-YL), Blue (-BL) and Green (-GN) - please specify. Lids are available in color too, except the HFBD2315S lid which is available in Gray (-GY) only. FOB Shipping Point.

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