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ValleyCraft Tilt Trucks

ValleyCraft Tilt Trucks

  • Time-saving way to handle loads of waste, chips, shavings, scraps and sludge.
  • Rugged trucks are extremely maneuverable with a trim design that fits easily through most doorways and narrow aisles.

Balanced to maneuver and dump with minimum effort. Low tapered end panels allow easy loading with minimal spillage. Tough 14 ga. steel construction throughout withstands daily rough use. All seams have leak proof welds for efficient liquid transfer. Heavy duty wheels roll easily on sealed bearings. Mold-on solid tires for trouble-free handling on smooth or hard surfaces (10 x 2-1/2" load wheels, 8 x 2" swivel wheel). HF85056A9 has a single swivel caster on the tapered end and HF85057A8 has the single swivel caster on the flat end. FOB Shipping Point.

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