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Midwest Decade MACX Solid Containers

Midwest Decade MACX Solid Containers

  • Longer container life and less frequent replacement.
  • Tough yet lightweight, can be moved by hand when empty.
  • Stackable - safe stacking up to 10 high.

MACX® containers are built to meet the most rigorous demands in the industrial, food processing and agricultural applications. Features high-impact resistant HDPE structural foam, fixed wall containers that are rugged and recyclable. Meets USDA/HACCP standards for food handling and can be steam cleaned. MACX® containers are temperature resistant, UV resistant and can be stacked up to 10 high. Can handle 1,500 lbs. weight capacity. They offer compact storage, a versatile runner design and are available in Blue, White, Yellow and Gray. Lids are injection molded, polyethlyne. Drop gate hinges are stainless steel. FOB Shipping Point.

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