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Green-Tek 100% Recycled Pallets

Green-Tek 100% Recycled Pallets

  • Lightweight for reduced worker fatigue.
  • Chemical resistant and won't absorb moisture.

Environmentally friendly pallets benefit three ways -- made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, reusable trip after trip and recyclable after its useful life. Won't rot or splinter. Chemical resistant and won't absorb moisture. No nails - no rust. 4-way entry. Easily steam cleanable. FOB Shipping Point. 

A) Heavy-Duty Pallets...built for extra heavy load applications. Regular design for use with forklifts and pallet jacks reversible design for use with forklifts only. 

B) Polypal Pallets...designed for greater flexibility with shorter legs for easier access and a stronger frame. "Chamfered legs allow forks to glance off into the pallet without damage to the leg."

C) Polypal Pallets with Runners...sleek new design in stacking on cartons and movement on conveyor systems. Same strength as above. 

D) Europallet...this 32" x 48" size makes it ideal for exports to Europe or wherever a narrower pallet may be needed.

E) Europallet with Runners...aids in stacking and movement in conveyor systems.

F) Drum Pallets...securely holds 4 full drums up to 440 lbs. each for storage or transport. 

G) Ultra Lightweight Pallet...weighs only 13 lbs. and handles static loads of up to 3,520 lbs. Easy to handle.

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