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Steele Poly Tilt Dumps

Steele Poly Tilt Dumps

  • Easily transport loads of refuse, stampings, trimmings, parts and more with these easy-rolling Tilt-Dumps.

Extra thick molded polyethylene stands up to the daily rigors of constant hard use. Resists corrosion, grease and oil. Transports up to 2000 lbs. -- easy to clean. Features round tubular steel frames. Your choice of light duty or heavy duty. Various sizes available. Regular styles available in Blue or Gray. Extra large Tilts available in Gray. FOB Shipping Point. 

Light Duty Dumps...Designed for everyday use. Two sizes available. Both made of the same heavy duty 1/4" thick polyethylene body, fastened to a steel undercarriage. Complete with handle. Available in Blue or Gray -- please specify. 

Heavy Duty Dumps...Designed with a full frame for heavier loads. Available in Blue or Gray -- please specify.

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