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Hilman Heavy Duty Machine Movers

Hilman Heavy Duty Machine Movers

  • Safely move heavy loads without expensive equipment.
  • Low friction, crawling chain action of these economical Machinery Movers transports heavy equipment right on factory floors.
  • Optional Steering Handles fit all swivel lock movers.

Easy to use: lift the load just inches, set the movers and move! Choose Steel Chains for ordinary concrete floors or non-marring Nylon Chains for delicate floors. Available in either rigid style for straight line moving or swivel style when turns are required. Swivel style features a locking device integrated every 45° for precision placement. Steel chains top styles available in diamond grid or with built-in pad. Nylon chain movers have padded tops. All steel frame construction withstands rough use. Steering handles are available for the swivel styles. FOB Shipping Point.

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