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Hilman Deluxe Rigger Outfits

Hilman Deluxe Rigger Outfits

  • Prepackaged and ready to move the heavies!
  • Steel roll outfits for ordinary floors -- nylon roller chain style for delicate floors.

Everything but the manpower is here for your heavy moving needs. Outfits include 4 swivel movers and 2 full length steering handles in a sturdy, lockable 14 ga. steel storage case. Choose NYLON CHAINS for hospital, lab, office, showroom or industrial equipment - moves up to 40 tons on painted, polyurethane coated and even epoxy topped floors without surface damage. High impact, solid nylon chains and the built-in padded tops combine to give high capacity, yet are gentle to the floors. Steering handles above fit swivel styles. Heavy duty STEEL CHAINS move equipment on standard factory floors. The 2 and 4 ton Nylon outfits and 3 and 8 ton Steel Outfits have 4 swivel padded movers or 2 swivel and 2 rigid padded movers. The 8, 12 and 24 ton Nylon Outfits have swivel locking padded movers, while the 15 to 60 ton Steel Chain Outfits feature either 4 swivel locking padded movers or swivel locking diamond steel grid movers. FOB Shipping Point.

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